New Media

100% Volume is an interactive website with the purpose of deconstructing two narratives, a typical weekend night out in London and one in Nicosia, Cyprus.
The collaborative project, under the theme of convergence, poses to question the cultural differences and aesthetics of nightlife in the two chosen locations.

The footage shot in London was recorded from a camera’s view, whereas in Nicosia a Go Pro head mount was used to achieve a more personal view point.
The aim of the project is to raise awareness on the habit of alcohol consumption and emphasise the fact that there is a thin line between a fun night out and negative consequences.

Taking into consideration that it is a common global phenomenon, the project was put together in a way that it would relate to a young audience and resemble fragmented memories coming back to someone who has been drinking the night before.
Therefore, the user can navigate through the story by jumping from short clips from different points in time in either location.

The footage was not planned or scripted, apart from the interview questions with club and bar owners.