Thalia’s sound exploration was born through a short Sound Studies module in early second year of the BA at Westminster University run by Steve Beresford.
She found herself involved in circuit bending workshops, run by Tasos Stamou and ended up hacking various toy instruments which were then used for the majority of her productions.

While originating from Cyprus, Thalia values local collaboration as much as international exposure.
Since working together with Billy D, they have released a number of tracks together through his music platform Weedo_it as well as an earlier track on her own SC channel.

When in London, Thalia finds comfort in the more experimental scenes and has released a tape through Musica Dispersa which can be purchased via Bandcamp , Musica Dispersa events and Electric Knife Records .
In addition, she was part of the Swift Noise compilation and digital album release.

Through the Sound Arts MA, Thalia has explored further such as broadcasting a collaborative piece on Resonance FM that can be heard here, as well as producing a multichannel, site specific installation alongside Ephemoral.